Parker ThinCuff® Tracheal Tubes

Parker Medical Thin CuffParker ThinCuffs are made of polyurethane instead of PVC, and are much thinner than the PVC membrane typically used to form conventional ET tube cuffs. The thinner, more pliable polyurethane cuff membrane is designed to provide a gentle cuff seal against the tracheal wall at a lower intracuff pressure.

The cuff and the shaft of Parker ThinCuff tubes are DEHP-free. Experts have reported that DEHP-free plastic is medically and environmentally safer than plastic which contains DEHP.

The distal end of ThinCuff tubes features the patented, Parker Flex-Tip. This revolutionary, flexible, curved, centered, tapered tip has been reported by independent clinical investigators in the U.S. and Japan to cause "significantly less trauma" when compared to standard-tip tubes.

Other independent clinical studies from various countries, comparing Parker Flex-Tip tubes to standard-tip tubes, have reported that Parker tubes facilitated significantly faster and easier intubations. Another study reported a 100% first-attempt success rate. Others reported little or no tube impingement on surrounding anatomy. Others reported less post-operative pain and hoarseness. To view these studies, click here.

Two types of Parker ThinCuff tubes are available:

Magill-type: shorter cuff, closer to tip of the tube.
No Murphy eyes. Product code: PTCL.
Sizes: 3.0 – 7.0mm

Murphy-type: longer cuff. 2 Murphy eyes.

Magill-Type, ThinCuff
Sizes: 3.0 – 7.0mm
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Murphy-Type, ThinCuff
6.0mm – 9.5mm
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