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Mercury Medical announces alliance with Parker Medical

CLEARWATER, FL -- Mercury Medical, a medical products specialty manufacturer/distributor located in Clearwater, Florida is pleased to announce an alliance with Parker Medical to sell and distribute Parker’s unique, airway management products.
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Parker Medical announces launch of
Parker ThinCuff ® endotracheal tubes

Parker Medical has launched a new line of Flex-Tip endotracheal tubes, called:

Parker ThinCuff® endotracheal tubes

These tubes have a unique combination of three extraordinary features:

– a polyurethane cuff that is much thinner than the PVC cuffs on standard ET tubes, and is designed to provide a gentle seal against the trachea at a lower intracuff
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Parker Medical announces new packaging for its preformed nasal endotracheal tubes

As part of our ongoing product improvement program, Parker Medical has developed a new, tray-style package for our preformed nasal tubes.
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Clinical study shows faster, easier intubation with Parker tubes

Brian Radesic, CRNA, MSN, associate director of the graduate nursing anesthesia program at the University of Akron College of Nursing, received the AANA’s 2011 Clinical Instructor of the Year Award at the AANA’s annual meeting on August 7-9 in Boston, and presented a clinical study conducted by himself and others, which concluded that intubations performed with a GlideScope were faster and easier when a Parker tube was used instead of a standard ET tube.
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Clinical studies show advantages of Parker tubes

Favorable experiences of clinicians who intubate with Parker tubes have sparked widespread interest in studying the mechanism, extent, and consistency of their apparent advantages over standard tubes. Comparative clinical studies in several countries appear to confirm superior speed, accuracy, ease of intubation, and safety of Parker tubes compared to standard tubes. Please see Clinical Studies on this website.
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Parker Tubes Used At AANA Meeting

Nurse anesthetists from several countries visited the Parker Medical booth at the AANA (American Association of Nurse Anesthetists) annual meeting in Seattle on August 8-10, 2011, and were impressed with the capabilities of the Parker Flex-Tip tubes. The Parker tubes were also used in the AANA’s Difficult Airway Hands-On Workshop on August 10 to demonstrate various intubation techniques.
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Grand Rounds at the Ohio State University

At the invitation of the anesthesia faculty of the Ohio State University College of Medicine, Dr. Parker gave the Grand Rounds presentation there in December, 2010 on the topic: “Avoiding injury to the airway during intubation.” A previous clinical study conducted by anesthesiologists at Ohio State and published in Anesthesia Progress (57:18-24, 2010) had concluded that:
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Parker notified of FDA 510(k) approval for nasotracheal intubation

In June, 2010, the U.S. FDA granted Parker Medical’s 510(k) application for clearance to sell Parker Flex-Tip tubes for nasal intubation in the U.S.
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Popularity of Parker Flex-Tip tubes surges in Japan

After introduction of the Parker tubes in Japan in November, 2008, sales have grown at a phenomenal rate.
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Physicians in Australia and New Zealand show enthusiastic acceptance of the Parker Flex-Tip technology

A significant increase in sales of Parker tubes has been reported by our distributors (Proact Medical Systems in Australia and OBEX Medical, Ltd. in New Zealand) following Dr. Parker’s recent speaking tours in both countries.
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Dental anesthesiologists impressed with Parker Flex-Tip endotracheal tubes

Attendees at the ASDA (American Society of Dentist Anesthesiologists) annual convention in Seattle on Scottsdale on April 28-29, 2011 were impressed by Parker’s line of nasotracheal tubes, and by recent studies which focused on their safety.
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Impressive performance of Parker tubes with various intubating devices

In addition to airway safety, Parker tubes have been studied in comparison to conventional tip tubes for ease of use with various intubating devices, as well as for accuracy, time required for intubation, and other criteria.
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Our products will be exhibited in our Parker Medical booths at the SAM (Society for Airway Management) annual meeting in Chicago on September 24-26, 2010 and at the ASA
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